Many studies prove that trails and greenways positively impact a way of life for communities by providing not only recreation and transportation alternatives, but also by influencing economic and community development. Thousands of communities across the country are positively impacted by a trails network and boast their economic, safety, recreational, and environmental benefits.
This is a project made up of three primary phases, which are projected to cost a total of $10-$11 million. Cost estimates include planning, designing and engineering, right-of-way acquisition, and construction.
Costs differ throughout the plan based on many different factors, including right-of-way acquisition, engineering, and other environmental factors.
The fundraising plan calls for a combination of private and public funds including Federal, State and local grants, corporate funding, in-kind donations and grassroots/individual contributions. The formal fundraising campaign began in early 2005.
While there are many variables, we hope the project will be complete by 2010.
The trails will be a hard surface, allowing for a multitude of uses, including bicyclists, pedestrians, in-line skaters, wheelchairs, strollers, and runners. They will typically be 10-feet wide with an average of 8 feet from the roadway, separated by a grassy strip. Signage, kiosks, ballasts, and other amenities will provide information, safety, donor recognition, and fitness enhancements for trail users.
The trails will be constructed in the public right of way; therefore maintenance will be handled much like maintenance for the roads.
A 2003 Feasibility Study commissioned by Aboite New Trails and completed by a local engineering firm identified possible trail routes throughout Aboite. The routes for trails were then further prioritized based on safety concerns, construction costs, the number of residents served and connectivity to the “township hub” at the intersection of Homestead and Aboite Center Road.
The Aboite Trails plan is incorporated into the overall Greenway Improvement and Expansion plan coordinated by the City and the new Greenway Manager. The plan is also part of the new 2030 Transportation Plan, which is the long-term transportation plan for our region. Aboite Trails will eventually connect with the Fort Wayne Rivergreenway, helping to create a regional network of trails.
Aboite New Trails engineered and designed a trail system that runs along major roads and access areas, making it safe and enjoyable for its users. Like thousands of other trail systems throughout the Country, the Aboite Trails are for daytime use, making it as safe as possible.
There are two primary ways you can help. You can volunteer your time and talents and/or you can make a financial contribution. For more information, please visit our website at www.aboitenewtrails.org.